graphic designer with over 15 years experience in product placement and extensive industry related know how. These graphic designs are an example of series of surfboards and kiteboards that I made when I was working at brunotti.



• Creative Direction

• Graphic design

• Product develpment

• Illustration

• Typography



The opportunity was given to me to design the majority of surfboards for the board shaper of Brunotti Boards for several seasons. I also had the honor of designing the Youri Zoon pro signature boards that led him to his world championship titles. Ask a graphic designer/illustrator what the coolest canvas would be to design for, and a board will probably be it!


Working on these was a graphic playground where every out of the box idea I came up with could be tested. A manic eye for detail pushed the benchmark for board development in the surf and kite world. The craftsmen [boardshaper, product manufacturer-printer and me for creation and design] brought the products where the brand needed them to be, top shelf. 


The mesmerizing dazzle paint camouflage, used by royal navy battleships to distract german submarines, has inspired many. The extravagant artist Jeff Koons had a luxury yacht painted in this theme, and someone just had to bring that to surfboard designs.    

Graphic patterns and print elements were also used within the apparel collections. Manufacturing boards, bindings. board shorts, harnesses etc. allowed me to style the complete package, a creative direction that is still followed to this day.