Erik de Bruin - Graphic designer Apparel with more than 15 years experience and fashion-industry related know-how. Developing and translating concept down to prototype specs. This example is a project for the european championships single speed cyclocross.



• Art Direction

• Graphic design

• Co-production

For this project I joined Doisj motion design to produce video flyers for a series of races, building up to a climax with the european championships singlespeed cyclocross. Such 'cross championship is purposely ridiculous in an attempt to derail race attitude and to put the 'cult' back in bicycle culture. To appeal to this very specific crowd, we made some rock&roll graphics and video promotion. And oh yeah, I joined and finished second ;-)


We started with the idea of treating the visualization of the race series, as a layered artwork.

Each different race was promoted with a video flyer, where a random bike-related action would lead to some shape that could be used in a collage artwork.

We had access to an abandoned factory, where we filmed paint splatters, burning water pistols, tire skid marks etc.


The final video was the open invitation to the european championships. Here the event-logo was formed by stacking up the layers that came from previous video flyers of bicycle races.


The turnout was great with riders from all over Europe, who experienced a very cool weekend, with a lot of partying and riding bikes.

The logo was slightly altered for screen printing, as it appeared on tee shirts, cycling caps, number plates e.g. for sponsors JustPedal and Bombtrack bicycles.