I have enjoyed working on numerous collections for Brunotti sports lifestyle brand. From initial ideas, to moodboards and collection graphics, trims, allover surface pattern prints, both men and women. Working ahead of the market by 12 to 15 months, plus a young-minded customer, is the foundation for a sparkling and creative commission, every single time. No boundaries, hang loose.


• Brand Identitiy

• Creative direction

• Price build-up

• Mood&Color boards

• Development

Snowboarding, hiking up a mountain through crisp snow in fresh air. Riding with my friends, having the time of my life. Imagine being member of a brand, directing and working on collections with such a lifestyle in its DNA. Proud and grateful to have done so.


A strong need for concept, also within segments of this sports brand collection. Whether it's marketing opportunity or emphasizing Identity, each new collection launch will need clear and unique graphic translations of the story that needs to be shared. The choice of design and used materials at Brunotti is dominated by the brand's roots in board sports.

This label NMTC [no matter the conditions] uses lycra, neoprene, heavy canvas and pronounced stitchings. It was developed to generate sales in casual fashion stores. The chosen materials, content and images characterize how graphic design supports this story of a casual-meets-function collection. A clear added value and selling argument.



With the aim of creating trend driven sportswear collections, graphic allover printed fabrics have been the center focus of my work at Brunotti. Technical fabrics, lend themselves beautifully for detailed designs for both rollers, as digital prints. The perfect canvas for displaying the bold attitude of this boardsports brand, both men and women's collections.

Typography, brand carriers and ever developing artwork techniques. Close contact with manufacturers and a sharp eye visiting trade shows, shops and the web, have always provided me with the latest in artwork development. An extensive experience in production,

allows me to make striking contemporary artwork, but also realise price and production costs. Fool-proof tech sheets and clear strike-off comments make for a smooth development and easy to use artwork for multi-color line collections.