FIFTYSIX collab snkwk

Erik de Bruin - Graphic designer Apparel with more than 15 years experience and fashion-industry related know-how. Developing and translating concept down to prototype specs. This example is a project for fiftysix. sneekweek, print, tee shirts, apparel.

FIFTYSIX collab snkwk

• Trend research

• Graphic design

• Typography



Retail concept Fiftysix sells A-Brands collections with a lot of creativity and energy. For the 80th edition of 'Sneekweek' [sailboat racing and heavy partying] I was hired to propose an eye catching teeshirt print, aiming for 20-35 year buyers. Bold supersize type and positive content formed the base for my presentation.




My proposals were very well received and the SNKWK design was selected and produced into tee shirts, tunic style dresses, swim shorts and a truckercap, using never out of stock brand items as an additional capsule in their stores.